Brilliant teams Bursting with personality

Whatever your personality, we're sure you'll love working in our brilliant contact centre team in Wythenshawe. Do you match one of our typical characters that make it such a great place to work? Try our short quiz to find out!

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You've been asked to organise the next office night out. What do you do?

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It's your colleague Sally's birthday tomorrow! What will you do?

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It's Ben's first day with the company and he's a bit nervous. How do you put him at ease?

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Captain Claire

Congratulations, you're Captain Claire. You take charge of every situation and always delivers results.

At Vodafone we passionately believe in promoting and developing our people, join us and there's no limits to how far your skills can take you.


Stand-Up Pete

Hey, you're Stand-up Pete. You keep everyone entertained and laughing whilst making customers very happy.

You'll feel right at home here at Vodafone, join us now for a buzzing environment where you will be supported and developed from day one.


Proper Nice Tom

Awww you're Proper Nice Tom, a caring, lovely, organised person who everyone can rely on.

Join Vodafone to join a team that feels like a family, helping our customers while we help you with brilliant benefits, support and development opportunities.


Positive Paula

Well done, you're Positive Paula, the office's most enthusiastic and energetic person who just radiates positive thinking.

You'll be great in our brilliant and vibrant team, brightening up our customers' day while our great benefits, support and development opportunities put a smile on your face.